Butterfly Books for Children - of all ages !!!

 Rochester Butterfly Club, 2009

Notes and Reviews by Sally McCreedy, Norma Platt, Mary Jane Proschel and Carol Southby

Facklam, Margery, 1996. Creepy, Crawly Caterpillars, Little, Brown & Company.
Informationon thirteen different species of butterflies and moths. Beautifully illustrated.

Kellerman, Holly, 2002. Farfellina and Marcel, Harper Collins.  
Charming story of friendship and transformation.

L’Hommedieu, Arthur John, 2006. Butterfly Child’s Play International Ltd.
A pop-up book illustrating the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly. www.childs-play.com.

Ling, Mary, 2007. See How They Grow – Butterfly, Dorling Kindersley Limited.
Takes the reader step by step through the life cycle of a Swallowtail. Suitable for ages 3+.

Mikula, Rick, 2000. The Family Butterfly Book, Storey Publishing.
“Projects, activities, and a field guide to 40 favorite North American species.”Fun facts, folklore and a strong awareness of environmental issues are interwoven with practical information about butterfly watching, studying, rearing and gardening.

Mudd, Marie M., 1991. The Butterfly, Dimensional Nature Portfolio.
Pop-up book discusses topics such as anatomy and physiology, life cycle, hibernation, migration, and survival tactics.

Rabe, Tish, 2007.  My, oh My – a Butterfly, Random House. The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library.
One of a series, introducing young readers to basic concepts about the world we live in. The familiar ‘Seuss’ rhyme technique and illustrations explain the world of the butterfly from the egg to the adult and everything in between. www.randomhouse.com/kids or www.seusville.com.

Sabuda, Robert, and Matthew Reinhart, 2001. 
Young Naturalist’s Pop-Up Handbook of Butterflies, Hyperion Books for Children.
Pop-up’s and text discuss butterfly behaviors.

Sandved, Kjell. 1996.The Butterfly Alphabet, Scholastic, Inc.
Closeup photographs of Lepidoptera wings show the alphabet.

Unstead, Sue and Gill Tomblin, 2005. The Beautiful Butterfly Book, Waterbird Books.
For beginning readers, a wonderfully illustrated book that covers the basics i.e. ‘birth of a butterfly’, defenses, colorful wings, long journeys and more.

Whalley, Paul, 1998. Eyewitness Books, Butterfly and Moth, Dorling Kindersley.
“Discover the world of butterflies and moths in close-up – their structure, behavior, habitats, and secret life.” This book is written for older children but is also excellent for adults. Stunning close up pictures, including a caterpillar emerging from the egg and a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, are just some of the gems inside this book.

White, Nancy.  Butterfly Battle (#16, Magic School Bus series) Scholastic Inc.
Charming, scientifically instructive story of a teacher and her students who learn about butterflies first hand when they are magically transformed into butterflies.

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