Dragonfly and Damselfly Books, 2010

Rochester Butterfly Club

With notes by Norma Platt and Carol Southby



Dunkle, Sidney W., 2000. Dragonflies through Binoculars, A Field Guide to Dragonflies of North America, Oxford University Press.
Includes photographs, range maps and descriptions of dragonflies (no damselflies) from all of North America., The large number of species and rather small photos can make identification difficult.

Lam , E. 2004. Damselflies of the Northeast, Biodiversity Books, Forest Hills.. “A guide to the species of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. ”
Full color illustrations and range maps

Legler, Karl and Dorothy, and Dave Westover, revised 2003.  Common Dragonflies of Wisconsin, Published by author.
An easy to use guide that includes many species from our area. Lots of photos and good text.
To obtain this book, contact Karl Legler, 429 Franklin St., Sauk City WI 53583 Phone (608) 643-4926.  website      (with order form)  http://userpages.chorus.net/karlndot/

Nikula, Blair, Jennifer L. Loose, Matthew R. Burne, 2003 Dragonflies and Damselflies of Massachusetts
Full color glossy photographs showing both males and females of each species.
Copies of the book may be obtained from Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife”s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, Route 135, Westborough, MA 01581 (508) 792-7270 ext 200.

Nikula, Blair, Jackie Sones and Donald and Lillian Stokes, 2002.  Beginner’s Guide to   Dragonflies, Little, Brown and Company. 
Also covers damselflies. A handy guide to many of the common dragonflies and damselflies in our area.

DRAGONFLIES , Gift books

Berger, Cynthia, 2004. Dragonflies, a Wild Guide by Stackpole Books.
Color paintings of both dragonflies and damselflies and a wealth of information about their biology and behavior

Brooks, Steve, 2003.  Dragonflies, Smithsonian Books.
Lots of glossy photos of dragonflies and damselflies. A good introduction to the lives of these creatures.

Silsby, Jill, 2001.   Dragonflies of the World, Smithsonian Institution Press.
A large format book with lots of glossy photos and fascinating information. Covers families of damselflies and dragonflies and detailed information about their lives and behavior.


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